Fairfax, VA


Fairfax County’s service for the elderly is a full-fledged program that assists its aging and with disability community with caregiver resources:


Fairfax County’s for the Elderly provides in-home care services through two programs.


  1. Adult Services, which are available on the basis of eligibility after an assessment by a Department of Family Services social worker.


  1. Elderlink Services, which are available on a sliding scale basis depending on income.


Fairfax County’s services for the elderly also provide guidance for how to find In-Home Care Services and how to choose the proper in-Home Care Provider in the Fairfax area.


Connect Home Care is registered with Fairfax County’s Department Family Services and in-home support services for residents who meet the eligibility requirements.



For additional information call:

The Aging, Disability and Caregiver Resources Line
TTY 711